Flavor Flav hits Bernie Sanders with a cease and desist, gets kicked out of Public Enemy

Ye boi, it seems that our favourite clock-tooting, ruckus creating side man, Flavor Flav, isn’t a fan of Public Enemy going political.

Flav has issued Bernie Sanders with a cease and desist over Public Enemy’s support and upcoming performance at a Sanders rally.

Flavor Flav, member of the hip-hop group Public Enemy, has slammed Bernie Sander with a cease and desist for using his likeness at an upcoming rally.

One of the most groundbreaking, revolutionary, powerful, earth-shaking, and political rap groups of all time, Public Enemy, have always been vocally proactive when it comes to touchy topics. With near-perfect albums including Fear of a Black Planet and It Takes a Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back, Public Enemy have always given a voice to the voiceless. Yet, Flavor Flav is not happy with his previous group supporting a possible Presidential nominee.

The Cease and Desist condemns, “the unauthorised use of Flavor Flav’s likeness, image and trademarked clock in promotional materials circulated by the Sanders campaign.” The upcoming rally in Los Angeles will feature a performance by Public Enemy Radio. The group is slightly different from the original act in that Flavor Flav isn’t involved.

Flavor Flav also expresses the fact he hasn’t endorsed Sanders personally and, “any suggestion to the contrary is plainly untrue.” Flav himself signed the document saying, “Hey Bernie, don’t do this!!”

Chuck D has replied to Flav’s actions. He explained his support for Sanders due to his stance on universal healthcare however he is not a fan of party politics. Chuck D also put his support behind his ex side-man Flav explaining how he doesn’t like any of his music associated with any specific political group. He continued that he would perform under EnemyRadio but not Public Enemy.

We are yet to see where this back and forth eventually leads with no clear ending in sight.