#FreeBritney update: Fans worried over increasingly strange Instagram posts

Pop princess Britney Spears has gained her fair share of headlines these past few weeks. From ongoing court cases, to protests, to social media movements, fans worldwide have rallied to achieve justice for the singer as part of the #FreeBritney movement. Now, we are back to the crux of it all.

With #FreeBritney spawning from growing concerns over the singer’s unusual Instagram content, fans have been paying avid attention to any clues or potential cries for help from the conservator-bound Spears. In a recent post, the singer is photographed in a bikini, covered in henna patterns. Fans, however, sense that the photo is much more than it seems.

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#FreeBritney is far from over and the clues just keep coming. In a recent Instagram post, Spears has covered herself in henna tattoos, with fans are arguing that they are actually a coded message.

With the singer’s conservatorship hearing in full swing, many fans are arguing that Spears has taken to embedding hidden clues in her social media posts as a plea for help. As we are all very aware by now, Spears has not held legal control over her assets, career, or life for the last 12 years following a very public mental health crisis. Since then, a number of conspiracies have popped up pertaining to her wellbeing.


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So I got carried away with henna !!!! I think I’m going for a bohemian look in the second picture …. not sure what my hands on my hips are about πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œπŸ€£!!! I guess I’m demanding attention πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ !!!!

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While in the aforementioned post Spears does make a jab at the criticism she has received for her chaotic content, fans are arguing that the image solely exists as another clue in the saga.

β€œAre you okay????? I feel like this is a code,” one follower wrote. β€œThis is getting more and more scary,” another commented.

The image was posted shortly after another quintessential Spears video, where the singer is filmed walking in and out of screen while music plays. Fans have argued that these videos are key to Spears’ clues, particularly following a coincidence between that the singer’s yellow shirt in the video and a fan’s TikTok comment: “If you need help, wear yellow in your next video.”

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