Golden retriever breaks world record for most tennis balls in mouth

An American dog who goes by the name of Finley has broken the world record for the number of tennis balls in a single dog’s mouth.

The golden retriever is able to fit a whopping six tennis balls in his gob, yet Guinness World Records aren’t getting on board with the achievement.

golden retriever, world record, tennis balls in mouth

What started out as a backyard hobby led Finley to global fame, yet Guinness World Records are refusing to give the golden retriever the glory he deserves.

Finley lives in New York with his parents Cheri and Rob Molloy. They first noticed his abilities, when at two years old, Finley picked up a hobby of gathering as many tennis balls around the garden as he could. Finley, now six, is able to get them all in his mouth without any human assistance.

On the actual process of getting the tennis balls in his mouth, apparently Finley gets the first four in pretty easily and then uses his paws to help hold the fifth and sixth ones in place. According to his parents, once he’s collected them all, he furiously wags his tail to make sure they’re paying attention.

golden retriever, world record, tennis balls in mouth

The record is currently held by a fellow golden retriever named Augie who attained it back in 2003 after fitting five in his mouth (those golden retrievers sure do have big mouths).

Yet Guinness World Records are refusing to recognise the doggo’s achievement due to strict paperwork rules which deem that Finley hasn’t met the requirements to be formally recognised. Finley’s efforts have thus far been written off as “not an official achievement”. At this point, Augie still holds the official record.

Whilst accredited success might not yet be on the cards, Finley’s found fame on Instagram, accruing 31,600 followers impressed by his daily exploits.

Check out a video of Finley below.


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