Why are people losing their minds over upright standing broomsticks?

In the past few days, people and their brooms have grown extremely popular on the interwebs. It’s turned into a worldwide trend and challenge for people to stand their brooms upright without any support.

Apparently it has something to do with the universe? There’s a science behind this?

via: CNN

People have discovered that February 10 was the only day their brooms would stand upright. It’s become a viral trend and even a few notable figures have gotten involved in the antics.

As mentioned, there’s actually some method behind this madness. Many believed that February 10th was the magic day, the only day that the broom-standing-by-itself phenomenon was possible.

Although it was never formally confirmed, apparently NASA told the world that the gravitational pull on Feb 10th was the reason for it, and it was the only day that our brooms would be able to stand.

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it has nothing to do with gravitational pull, or the magical day. The broom thing was always possible. Also NASA never said a thing, they’re probably all having a laugh about this over a coffee.

The challenge started on Twitter and quickly spread to Tik Tok. Once it hit Tik Tok, that was it, everyone’s doing it now.

DJ Khaled’s even done it.