Hailer – Another Way

Though they’re still being described as a bit sinister, Sydney band Hailer have taken a new direction with the appropriately titled Another Way. The tracks on this album are a little more lighthearted and a lot more heartfelt; each song crafted with intent and a love for the artform. They are of course still four Sydney lads doing what they love most.

Since their debut 2010 album Good Canyon, Sydney’s Hailer have undergone a seriously noticeable transformation. Their second effort is still rooted in the pop-ified pysch-rock of the band’s earlier catalogue, but what Another Way brings to the plate is more of an emphasis on the pop elements that underline their first offering, which they’ve then topped off with a touch more edge than before. The sounds are richer, the songs are catchier – simply put, there’s a great deal this lot have done right this time around – The Music

hailer another way

The care and attention put into this album has not escaped notice; tracks are the sort that put a smile on your face and leaving you in a better mood than before you started listening.

Here is an album that has clearly been made with sincerity and passion, which is something a lot of music lacks – Tone Deaf

Another Way is definitely an album to add to the daily intake playlist, it doesn’t leave you reeling after each play but makes you feel good about the state of music today. Hailer have a smattering of shows planned through June to support the launch of Another Way, you can catch them playing at the Brighton Up Bar in Sydney this Friday the 17th of June.



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