Happy’s Zen Horoscope (1st May – 7th May): Let the Retrograde begin

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn begins.

To allow any big changes that you have made to really settle in, you may benefit from making some last-minute final adjustments.

Ready yourself for the months ahead and ask yourself the kind of questions that will help you to redefine the areas that would benefit from a change. Revisit what success means to you, and ask yourself how you can become more independent, and really own what you do.


It’s a good time to go inward and look to see what you need in terms of self-care and nourishment on a personal and professional level. Ask yourself how you are really feeling and get to the heart of that because this is what should be guiding your decisions at this time. 


Over-commitment or over-investment in any one area of your life will likely have a noticeable impact at this time so do what you can to reevaluate your current situation and see what you can do to spread things out a little more evenly. To make things easier, use where you would like to spend more time as a guide to help you in the right direction. 


Sometimes you just have to feel your way through things. So this week, feel your way through things, rather than overthink, and remember that sometimes you need a bit more nurture in your life, for yourself or for others. Create something new if you feel it.  Collaboration with others is highly recommended. 


If you have been working hard lately Leo, and I’m sure that you have, it may be time to rebalance things.  Take a moment out to spend some time with your friends and family. Turn off your work mode, you know, that ever-present humming at the back of your brain, and turn your attention towards the people in your personal life. A day, an hour, whatever, just make sure you do it.


New goals, new projects, new dreams, whatever it may be, you are sure to be tapping into your ability to manifest. Stay focused, stay practical, and you will do great. Layout some clear plans for the road ahead, and most of all, keep them realistic. Don’t shoot too far at this time of early implementation if it’s above your paygrade if you know what I mean. 


When it comes to decisions, sometimes it’s not of matter of just being indecisive, sometimes it’s about not having all of the information. So rather than just choose an option, go out of your way to get more facts, like a lot more, because there may well be something vital missing from the equation.


The resolution comes for you this week Scorpio, by realizing that with all the arguing in the world, the other person on the end of the phone, won’t or maybe never will hear you. So with this in mind, you can let things go, and prepare yourself for a positive shift. Because when you let go, things will change, they just do. 


You may find yourself asking the question, what do I need to do to reach my goals? What can I do to be truly fulfilled? Well sometimes Sags it’s about rolling up your sleeves and giving what you already have a 1000 percent. So bring self-discipline and commitment to the table at this time, and you’ll see some pretty spectacular results. 


Good week to plan for the future for a place of comfort. Too often have you scraped by, living one week to the next, never having a moment or the comfort to look beyond what happening tomorrow. But now you can, and as long as you are prepared to step a little out of your comfort zones,  you will be able to plan some pretty incredible things. 


Sometimes the best way to check in with yourself and your life is to count your blessings and go over all of the things that you are grateful for. Follow the law of attraction and you’ll that over time, that the more you are grateful for, the more abundance, goodness, and positivity you will draw into your life. 


An opportunity is presenting itself Pisces and it’s up to you to take it as far as it can go. What will you do? Just know, that if you want it to work out and you put in the hard yards, it will be amazing, but if you struggle or flake out even just a little it won’t. Keep your intent aligned with your goal, and remember that it’s up to you. 


Kindness and caring are at the forefront this week, so move towards what emotionally pulls you.  If you feel like a passion project has more to it, then think big. If you feel like exploring a new creative interest, ditto, give it all you’ve got.  Any decisions at this time should be based on emotional feels, rather than anything else.