How Bowie and Cohen faced mortality on their final albums

Watch a new documentary on how David Bowie and Leonard Cohen faced death and mortality on their final albums.

Last week we stumbled across a brilliant short documentary on the genius of John Bonham behind the kit published by a YouTube channel called Polyphonic and we’ve been hooked ever since.

In a remarkable new discover, Polyphonic have delved in the to the clairvoyance of the mighty Leonard Cohen and David Bowie with their final musical endeavours before leaving this mortal coil.

The channel publishes essays about music and pop culture every second Thursday and they’re all brilliant.

One such example is an amazing mini-documentary on how Leonard Cohen and David Bowie faced mortality on their final albums.

Both artists released their last records under eerily similar circumstances, with Bowie’s Blackstar coming out just days before his death, and Cohen releasing You Want It Darker only weeks before he passed.

There is certainly a concurrent armodexperiment.com theme of pre-death awareness with artists. Everyone from The Ocean Party to Dr. John there is a certain eerie pre-eminence to their final releases be it posthumous or otherwise. Facing mortality has always been a potent source of poetry and these two greats were graceful than most.

Watch it below and be sure to check out more of Polyphonic on their Youtube channel.