Introducing Bad Valley

Hello and welcome back to Happy, where our opinions are made up and the Facebook likes don’t matter. Let’s jump straight back into it for 2014 and look at another psychedelic rock band. Many people who listen to and are passionate about music also play music, and it’s a wonderful feeling when you connect with a piece that sounds like something you would want to play and reunites you with a childlike passion for musical noise. Bad Valley make tunes that make you put the bong down, blow the dust off your guitar, find a working lead, wonder where your effects pedals are, tweak your amplifier for an acceptable indoor setting and start jamming with yourself.

bad valley

The trio from NSW’s central coast are signed to indie label/artist collective Goats Eat Records (do they?) who just this year have started bringing the hypnotic, progressive sounds of D’Luna, The Cupcake Conspiracy and Mañana to the world that apparently exists when you venture north of Dee Why. Bad Valley’s appeal comes from the slow yet concentrated head groove that you find yourself entranced in – listen to their self titled EP and watch your regular computer-using slouch slowly devolve into the uncalculated dance of the 21st (insert shampoo joke).

My personal highlight is track 3 – Closed Heart Surgery. A perfect four chord combination of relaxed pitch bending, scuzzy rock and roll guitar tones and a guitar solo that hits you like a blotter sheet of tripstacy left over from when the Silk Road was a thing. Track 6 – Earth is just as impressively wandering and encapsulates the vastness of planet earth as it might have seemed in a less enlightened time. By that I mean we now understand the mind to be a squishy piece of muscle, all emotions to be chemical reactions and we now have the means to communicate with any part of the world instantaneously and physically travel there within 24 hours (10 hour layovers in Guangzhou not included). It’s like the world is heaps smaller and stuff except it hasn’t ever changed size – its just smaller, like, in our brains. You know what I mean? Hey, have you ever looked at your hands? I mean really looked at your hands…



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