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Jackass crew announce fourth feature film, to be released in 2021

If you tried to explain to an alien the concept of Jackass, they would either attack to save us from ourselves or they’d take their kind and leave as fast possible.

Jackass, in its simplest form, is a bunch of grown men causing themselves pain and extreme discomfort for the pleasure of the viewer. My god does it work.

jackass 4

Johnny Knoxville reunites the Jackass crew yet again to put themselves in harms away for incredible comedic value! We asked for more, we got it.

There aren’t many movies these days that really get me excited but the chance to see Steve-o and Johnny Knoxville hurt themselves on camera is always exciting. Considering they made over $330 million doing it the last time, it’s a testament to the evolved style of filmmaking that goes into shooting these projects.

The storyline for the upcoming instalment is yet to be revealed, but who cares. I think we can guarantee a few things. Steve-o getting hit in the groin, Johnny Knoxville breaking a bone, Chris Pontius wearing a g-string and Bam Margera being the figure of abuse.

It’s been nearly 10 years since Jackass 3D. The group have endured great success as well as heartbreaking tragedy. Hopefully, the next film can help unite those members still facing adversity as well as be a great tool to remember their fallen brother Ryan Dunn.

Jackass 4 will be released on March 5th, 2021.


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December 21, 2019