Tea-Harmonies: Jaydie’s Musical Odyssey and Steeped Inspirations

Jaydie relaxes with a cuppa, and spills the tea on her favourite rituals.

If there’s one thing Australia knows how to do, it’s cultivate creativity under the sun-soaked skies. From this land of artistic luminaries emerges Jaydie, a singer-songwriter who’s been riding the sonic waves since the tender age of 16.

With an industry tenure that spans a decade of live performances and an unquenchable passion for music, Jaydie is now breaking ground with her debut album. And guess what? This powerhouse performer has a unique secret ingredient fueling her artistic fire: tea.


Basking in the sunshine vibes of the iconic Sunshine Coast, Jaydie has made it her mission to infuse her music and her life with positivity.

Her recently dropped single, “So Far,” is a testament to the journey she’s been on, both personally and artistically. Drawing inspiration from the milestones she’s achieved and the determination to overcome life’s challenges, Jaydie belts out lyrics that resonate with anyone who’s dared to dream.

This track isn’t just about her success; it’s a rallying cry for all to celebrate how far they’ve come and to keep reaching for the stars.

But here’s where it gets even more intriguing—Jaydie’s not just crafting tunes; she’s crafting an experience. Because Jaydie’s journey from the Sunshine Coast to the soundwaves isn’t just about music. It’s a holistic fusion of art, intention, and a cozy cuppa. As she navigates the highs and lows of the industry, Jaydie’s got a secret weapon brewing on the side—a melodic recipe that keeps her in harmony with herself and her sound.

Jaydie pairs some of her favourite brews with the mood of her forthcoming album, studio sessions, gigs and relaxation.

Reality (First single released 24.02.23): Reality is an uplifting new age pop song that touches on how powerful our minds are and how we use it to create our own realities.

In the chorus, I sing about wanting to dance around the fire which is a metaphor for letting go, finding the child within and going with the flow of life. The tea blend for this song is Licorice & Peppermint Blend.

Creating is fun and so this tea blend should be too! It has a very nostalgic taste for me, reminding me of the candy canes we used to eat as kids at christmas time! Its nostalgic flavour brings out my inner child and reminds me to be playful and creative.


Forest Air (2nd Single released 24.03.23) This song is about the process of meditation and mental health. Forest Air is a laid back, alternative RnB hit that portrays the thoughts that arise and subside in the mind when meditating and that when we become aware of that which does not serve us, we can “let the wind blow and release it to the wild.”

I find that drinking herbal tea before meditation helps me get into more of a relaxed state quicker and with ease. The tea for Forest Air is Blue lotus and Lavendar Blend and Echinacea blend.

 So Far (New single out 28.07.23) This song is about how far we have come and sticking together through thick and thin, reflecting on where we have come from and where we are going.

So Far was written as a motivation to keep on going even when times get tough, to keep adapting to whatever life throws at you, being grateful and proud of what we have achieved so far and most of all to be there for each other.

The tea for this song needed to have a bit of zing and to be grounding as well as energising. Ginger & Lemon Myrtle Blend.

So, the next time you’re streaming her latest hit, why not make it a multi-sensory experience? Grab a cup of Jaydie’s recommended blends, let the music wash over you, and allow the flavours to enhance the journey that she’s crafted for her listeners.

After all, music and tea have more in common than you might think — they both have this understated superpower to calm our nerves, lift our vibes, and help us tap into our inner emotions, taking us on a journey within ourselves.