Johnny Marr is teaching Smiths classics with virtual guitar lessons

Now is your chance to learn some of the greatest guitar licks from one of the greatest guitarists ever, because Johnny Marr has started giving lessons for classic The Smiths tunes.

The lesson comes as a part of Fenders new Artist Check-In series where great guitarists teach some of their most well-known songs.

The Smiths
The Smiths

As part of a recent Youtube series by Fender, The Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr has given a lesson on how to play The Headmaster Ritual.

Johnny Marr, one of the most acclaimed and brilliant guitarists in rock music, has given a lesson for The Smiths song The Headmaster Ritual. The song originally appeared on The Smiths album Meat Is Murder in 1985.

Marr gave a bit of the backstory behind the song along with how he originally wrote it. He is quoted in the video, “I had no idea what I was doing when I wrote it, and I quite like that. I think it’s a handy device for cutting out the brain static that gets in the way of coming up with chord changes.”

The Smiths guitarist, looking cool as ever, plays his classic Fender Jaguar in the video. He has also been answering fan questions on Instagram including his favourite books and favourite bands.

Fender have recently offered 3 months of free guitar lessons for those stuck in quarantine and want to finally pick up that old guitar sitting in the corner.

Watch the icons lesson below.