Clean and green: how to keep your place fresh without the nasty chemicals

Time to unglue yourself from the couch and get stuck into the housework? Koh has got an environmentally sustainable solution to make sure you do it right.

Believe it or not, there are some people out there who enjoy the housework (you know who you are, clean freaks). Even if you don’t, it’s one of those unavoidable chores – so you might as well do it right. This is where Koh comes into the picture.

With Earth Day coming up on April 22, it’s never been a better time to ditch the bleach and avoid those pungent, paint-stripping fluids that purport to have the scent of lemon. Koh is cleaning with a conscience, sans fuss.

Koh atomiser

If you haven’t yet gathered from the name, Earth Day is the day on the calendar for global collaboration on environmental issues, a forum for discussion on green technology, and an educational opportunity for people who want to collectively contribute to sustainability. Koh embodies this philosophy with its refillable and reusable cleaning range.

Developed by scientists at the University of NSW, the Universal Cleaner is the cornerstone of Koh’s “clean with less” approach. It’s a single four-litre bottle — completely free of harsh chemicals and fumes — that you can use it to clean just about anything.

To celebrate Earth Day, Koh’s offering massive discounts on classic bundles, which include spray mops, microfibre cloths, atomisers, and diamond sponges — all of which work in conjunction with the Universal Cleaner to tackle the accumulated gunk of the family home, or even the downright nastiness of your sharehouse!

Head over to Koh to check out the full range.


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