Kylie Jenner is being roasted on Twitter for f*cking up the Australian flag

Kylie Jenner, social media starlet and former billionaire, has shown she’s mere human by forgetting what the Australian flag looks like.

You have to give celebrities a break sometimes. I mean it’s a hard life running a cosmetics empire whilst simultaneously owning the 5th most-followed Instagram account in the world – all the while being a certified billionaire millionaire. It’s not like you have people on hand 24/7 to help you run your social accounts, except that, well, you do.

Kylie Jenner is being trolled by Twitter after she misattributed the South Georgia flag for the Australian flag in a recent post promoting her Kylie Skin cosmetics range.

kylie jenner twitter
Photograph: Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

The post in question was announcing new Kylie Skin websites in the UK, Germany, France and Australia. Each country was accompanied by its corresponding flag, except for Australia which was matched with the obscure Atlantic Ocean island, South Georgia.

In her defence, the two flagsΒ do look rather similar. But Twitter was never going to let her live it down:

Some pointed out that it’s an exceedingly hard screw up to make, considering if you just type the word ‘Australia’ into your phone, the emoji automatically comes up:

Others took a moment to celebrate South Georgia and its surrounding South Sandwich Islands.

And of course there’s always room for an old classic:

In all reality, it probably wasn’t even Jenner that made the post. But still, you love to see it.

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