Tekashi 6ix9ine hospitalised after overdosing on diet pills and coffee

Full-time shit-stirrer Tekashi 6ix9ine has been hospitalised following a reported overdose on a combination of diet pills and McDonald’s coffee.

Ever-controversial rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine was reportedly hospitalised last week following an accidental overdose on weight loss pills and caffeine.

The rapper revealed he had been taking the pills after gaining weight following his release from prison in April of this year.

Tekashi 6ix9ine overdose

Speaking with The Shade Room, 6ix9ine revealed that the accidental overdose was triggered after he took two doses of the weight loss pill Hydroxycut, a quantity which is double the recommended dose. This, combined with simultaneously drinking a coffee from McDonald’s, caused the rapper to experience an increased heart rate and excessive sweating, which culminated in an “overdose reaction”. 

Whilst it sounds like a somewhat comical combination, Hydroxycut has actually been linked to severe organ damage and even death, with the FDA recalling it several times. 6ix9ine reportedly assured that he wasn’t taking any other drugs due to his strict probation conditions (as well as the fact that he *allegedly* doesn’t do drugs).

To make matters even murkier, the rapper’s lawyer has since come out and denied claims of the overdose, according to Vulture. Although he did confirm that 6ix9ine was in the hospital, where he was allegedly treated and released on the same day.


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TSR Staff: Thembi! @ThembiTV_ _____________________________________ #TSRExclusiveDetails: #Roommates, earlier today Gossip Of The City broke the exclusive that #Tekashi69 was in the hospital due to an overdose. We spoke to 69 directly and can confirm this with additional details exclusive to The Shade Room. He’s currently at home and doing fine. He even went on his daily jog today. _____________________________________ So get this Roommates, Tekashi was hospitalized two days ago in Florida after he had 2 Hydroxycut pills, instead of the recommended 1 per day, which increased his heart rate and caused him to sweat excessively while in front of his computer. Tekashi tells us that this, along with drinking a McDonald’s coffee, kicked his overdose reaction into gear. If you aren’t familiar, hydroxycut is a weight-loss brand chile! _____________________________________ Tekashi also tells us that he was only taking hydroxycut and not drugs—not just because he doesn’t do drugs—but because of his strict probation that would send him right back to the slammer if he was poppianna. _____________________________________ In addition, 69 tells us that he gained a lot of weight after he left prison. He’s currently down almost 25 lbs and plans to keep going until he’s at his goal weight of 150 lbs before he makes his return to the ‘gram. _____________________________________ We will keep you posted on any updates Roommates!

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In 2019, Tekashi 6ix9ine was jailed for a series of charges including conspiracy to commit murder and armed robbery after he was arrested on racketeering, weapons, and drugs charges. He was granted early release from his two-year prison sentence this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and placed on house arrest.

The rapper is reportedly taking a break from Instagram until he reaches his ideal weight. He has currently lost around 25 lbs (11 kilos) but will keep going until he reaches 150 lbs (68 kilos).

Good luck with that Tekashi, and you know, try not to overdose next time.