LISTEN: Monkey Marc – ‘Vital Sound’

Amidst a year dominated by less-than-ideal political and social phenomena, Monkey Marc provides an antidote by calling back to the revolutionary roots of reggae, dub, and hip-hop. Listen to the thumping Vital Sound LP below.

Monkey Marc Vital Sound

A vital underground figure in Australia’s hip-hop and DIY scenes during the ’90s, Monkey Marc has been behind some of the country’s most instrumental protest music. Now based in a solar-powered studio out of Melbourne, Monkey has spent his recent years putting together Vital Sound.

Collaborating with a range of artists from Australia, Jamaica, the UK, and beyond, Vital Sound assembles a team of the world’s most invigorated voices across dubstep, reggae, dancehall, and more. Set this to a stream of heavy, Monkey Marc-produced beats, and you’ve got a record bred to make people – and society – move.

Vital Sound is out now.