Randy males tear up over Lola Bunny's lack of cleavage in the 'Space Jam' sequel

Randy males tear up over Lola Bunny’s lack of cleavage in the ‘Space Jam’ sequel

The 1996 human/animation crossover Space Jam has a sequel hitting cinemas in July this year, and a strong cocktail of emotions has been spilt over social media thanks to a bunny’s “breast reduction.”

Space Jam: A New Legacy, starring basketball king LeBron James, will also feature an “un-sexy” version of Lola Bunny: sans breasts and withholding her original “feminine features.” The internet has exploded in response to the news.

It was revealed that director Malcolm D. Lee – who watched Space Jam for the first time in 2019 – was caught off guard by the film’s “sexualized” depiction of Lola Bunny. “This is 2021. It’s important to reflect the authenticity of strong, capable female characters,” the director explained.

space jam 2

Sneak peek visuals of the upcoming movie shows perfected and hyper-realistic 3D animations of the characters, as well as some alterations to the original film’s “aesthetic.”

The horny men of the internet (note: there are many of them) are in complete shock over the new changes made in Lola Bunny’s de-sexualised image.

Junkee shared some of the best (or should we say worst) tweets that have surfaced over the few days: “This crap is getting so old. Let’s just get rid of everything with sex appeal because it offends a small percentage of people,” tweeted one absolute hornbag. “Let’s act like women with big boobs don’t even exist.”

“How tf they gonna deflate her like that,” cried one man at the sight of a flatter chest. “Communist China has won. Liberty is dead,” exclaimed another.

“Oh great, they may as well just call this #WokeJam,” quipped one man, who clearly thought he was really clever with his take. “The woke keeps waking up from sleeping. Gotta love all this pressure that’s coming from the ‘Woke’. Not sure why people are so soft now a days.”

Some guys are justifying how not everyone looks the same since 1996:

Others are making ‘helpful comparisons’ between the animated character and real-life women:

The other side of the internet had their say when it came to Lola’s trending ‘breast reduction’:

The new Space Jam drops in cinemas July 15, 2021, and the visual of furious, anti-satisfied horny men throwing popcorn at the big screen is unfortunately too real…