Kate Moss’ sister Lottie sports a nearly nude outfit for a new music video

Lottie Moss has done it again and when I say ‘done it again’, I mean she looked like a damn smoke show on social media.

Lottie Moss, 24 shared a few racy shots on Instagram last Friday, showing off her incredible fit for a new music video she’s set to feature in.

The former model turned OnlyFans star posed in a black body suit with criss-cross string holding it together on each side and holes cut out on the crotch and butt. She was wearing underwear underneath though so, keeping it PG. Well… Maybe M?


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Lottie captioned the video she posted to her story with “Music video tings” but didn’t dish on who’s music video she was shooting for.

Either way, it sounds like one hell of a video!