MAD Magazine to stop publishing new content after a 67 year run

Beloved satirical MAD Magazine will stop publishing new content after a 67-year run.

It will continue to re-publish original but dated content from its glorious past.

“Working at MAD was a childhood dream come true. MAD is an institution with such a rich history,”  Allie Goertz, a former editor wrote on Twitter. “It informed just about every comedian and writer I (and probably you) look up to.”

Beginning as a comic book in 1952, it rebranded as a satirical magazine in 1955 and has featured many recognisable faces like Donald Trump in its cartoons.

Singer and Comedian ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic, who served as a guest editor in 2015, is just one of many who have been publically sharing their dejection over the news.

“I am profoundly sad to hear that after 67 years, MAD Magazine is ceasing publication. I can’t begin to describe the impact it had on me as a young kid – it’s pretty much the reason I turned out weird…Goodbye to one of the all-time greatest American institutions,” Yankovic wrote on his Twitter account yesterday.

After the release of the next issue, the magazine will only be available in comic stories or to subscribers.

It will be deeply missed.