The 1975’s Matty Healy sucked a fan’s thumb and it was incredibly weird

Matty Healy of The 1975 has somehow outdone himself in terms of tour stunts, this time sucking the thumb of a concertgoer in Brighton, UK.

Matty Healy is up to his usual tour antics, making waves at a recent Brighton gig after sucking the thumb of a mosphit concertgoer. Footage of the event, which formed part of The 1975’s ongoing At Their Very Best tour, was taken during the UK show on January 8, and sees Healy lean into the hand of a female fan before placing her thumb in his mouth. 

The incident took place during the band’s performance of Robbers, a fan-favourite track that featured on The 1975’s 2014 self-titled debut. The lucky (depending on who you ask) recipient of the thumb-suck was identified as concertgoer Kayleigh, who took to Twitter to share her jubilation and brand-new moniker. “EVERYONE IS CALLING ME THUMB GIRL”, she wrote yesterday (January 9), although the name ‘Thumbelina’ feels more fitting.  

Matty Healy of The 1975 performs on stage with red guitar
Credit: Simone Joyner/Getty Images

matty healy just sucked my thumb goodnight”, Kayleigh wrote in a separate post, before Tweeting an apology to Healy’s parents for “making them watch their son suck my thumb last night.” She continued: “all i did was put my hand on matty’s cheek and he kissed my wrist, blew a kiss and sucked my thumb.. i just need to lie down for a while.

Healy’s thumb-suck is the latest in a long string of bizarre concert antics during the 1975’s At Their Very Best world tour, which was launched in October in support of their bands 2022 album, Being Funny In A Foreign Language. At one of the tour’s very first shows at Madison Square Garden last November, Healy was spotted eating what appeared to be raw meat in the middle of his set, before seemingly fondling himself on stage. 

Later, during a December show, Healy delivered a concertgoer their first-ever kiss, in response to a fan-made sign requesting the frontman give them a smooch. Internet reactions to Healy;s latest thumb stunt (thumbt?) have been decidedly hilarious, ranging from all-out thirst trapping to hypochondria. Check out some of the best Tweets below, and keep an eye out for when the Australian leg of The 1975’s world tour heads Down Under in April.