Creepy or sweet? The 1975’s frontman delivers a ‘first kiss’ to an adoring fan prompting an online debate

Matt Healy jumped off the stage at a recent show to plant a ‘first kiss’ on the lips of an adoring fan, inducing online trolls to lose it.

We all remember our first crush and our first kiss, and often enough for young adoring fans of music, it was or still is a rock star that made the knees go weak and the pulse rise. Hell, forget young, probably fans of any age, thinking back to my mum swooning over Hendrix, if given the chance, I imagine she would have let him dole out her first kiss and then some.

But a first kiss is a big one, for most of us, we don’t actually receive our first kiss from a ‘rock star’ not even sure that it should be a thing tbh, but it seems to make the bucket list of many adoring fans. Healy, who appears to be the most viral and contentious at this stage, is not alone in kissing fans on stage, there’s plenty of evidence that shows it’s actually pretty darn common. Green Days, Bille Joe Armstrong, Lana Del Rey, Enrique Iglesias, Robbie Williams, Carrie Underwood, and Katy Perry aren’t shy when it comes to an onstage snog with a fan.

And it appears the frontman of The 1975 has a penchant for giving fans what they want, in this case, responding to a handwritten sign from an adoring fan, front and center at a recent show, asking for him to be her first kiss. 

Being an obliging and conscientious kinda guy, the 33-year-old singer checked her ID first to make sure she was old enough to consent, and then jumped off the stage, and gave her two brief first kisses. Another fan recording the event has posted the video to social media with the caption, ‘This is so sweet pls.’

matt healy

Online trolls have taken this act of the role of a rockstar, and have run with it, with many calling it creepy. ‘If by sweet you mean creepy then yes I agree.’

After Healy was slammed by multiple female fans online, the young woman at the center of the kiss, Carmen Mattson, came to Healy’s defence writing, ‘I did this, he saw it and brought me up, HE ASKED before he kissed me!’

Sweet or Creepy? Watch the video below and decide for yourself.