Meet hunter 505: the Inner West’s Creative Chameleon

Regular listeners of hunter 505’s singles will know him as a compelling lyricist and an artist ready to put his hand up for anything.

Usually, this means laying bars on a completely different style of song with a variety of sounds coming out each month this year, but his capacity for diversity is taking on new meaning.

hunter 505

hunter 505 is a burgeoning young master creator. With his toes dipped in live art and music it seems the Inner West chameleon is set to make an impact.

Partnering with Vivid artists, web series creators and YouTube channels, the genius behind the musician is now branching out into alternative ways of creating music, while maintaining his insane release schedule.

Earlier this year, for an installation at Sydney Vivid’s Nostalgia Above, which articulated representations of various forecast iterations, this piece was described as ‘Elegant and cheerful… a barometer of social interconnectivity.’ hunter 505 developed and arranged the soundtrack for 3 out of 4 weather patterns; sunny, overcast and thunderstorm.

He doesn’t stop there, being brought in on the team of Made for This as Music Director. The show’s theme song was written and produced by Hunter himself, while also providing a variety of songs from his canon of hunter 505 pieces for the soundtrack, acting as the musical backbone for the first season’s second episode. Hunter is the gift that keeps on giving, even trying out his acting chops in a cameo during episode 2. Made For This will be returning to the web soon with Season 2 in pre-production.

And of course, given Hunter’s commitment to portraying the human condition in his music, he’s contributed to the Bite Size Psych channel on YouTube. With over 250,000 subscribers and a whopping 20 million combined views, this channel offered a great collaboration for the upcoming artist. Hunter’s finesse can be heard in the instrumentals for the soundtrack of this channel – another great side project that has only confirmed his status as a creative chameleon.

With two more songs set to be released in the coming months, and an EP on the way, hunter 505’s schedule is absolutely packed with project after project for the rest of the year. To add to the load, Hunter has been select to join Nando’s Global Music Exchange, flying out to London in early September along with other talented artists from Australia, the UK and South Africa and Kwame mentoring a few lucky musicians.

With such an intense release schedule and even more opportunities popping up, it will be difficult to steer clear of one of the inner west’s most promising up and comers this year.

Check out hunter 505’s latest single below: