Preparing for Splendour XR? It’s time you met Moodagent, a different kind of streaming service

Splendour XR is fast approaching, and there’s one place you should be doing your early-bird listening: Moodagent.

Earlier this year Splendour In The Grass announced Splendour XR, a world-first digital edition of the iconic festival featuring all the stages we know and love, a fully-fledged 3D reconstruction of North Byron Parklands, a truly show-stopping lineup, and heaps more.

It’s a damn nice thing to look forward to with gigs being rescheduled or cancelled left, right, and centre – no matter what the pandemic throws at us, Splendour XR will be going ahead. But today we’re also talking about Moodagent, the streaming service partnering with the event with special freebies, interactive playlists, and more. Let’s dive in.

Moodagent streaming service

Moodagent is a popular European streaming service that’s just launched in Australia. Using a patented AI algorithm it delivers ‘Interactive Playlists’, or playlists that shift based on your mood.

These playlists, also called ‘moodagents’, will morph according to five sliders that you control; Sensual, Tender, Happy, Angry, and Tempo. The idea is to deliver a dynamite playlist no matter your mood, be it lovey-dovey, over the moon, or maybe you just need to headbang out some demons.

With Splendour XR in mind, cranking up Angry and Tempo will definitely point you to Violent Soho, while pushing Happy and Tender up high will probably serve up a playlist featuring Spacey Jane or Of Monsters and Men.

Ocean Alley at Splendour In The Grass 2018. Photo: Dani Hansen
Ocean Alley at Splendour In The Grass 2018. Photo: Dani Hansen

To celebrate their Australian launch and Splendour XR, Moodagent are offering up three months of their Premium service for free (which usually costs $11.99 per month), as well as creating a bunch of Splendour-themed Interactive Playlists that you can dig into. Get familiar with the app and the festival lineup at once, what’s not to love?

One more thing – if you’re yet to snag tickets to Splendour XR, Moodagent are running a competition to give away 50 weekend passes.


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