Needle In The Hay 2022: A night of unforgettable musical talent

Happy Mag’s 2022 NITH finalists party delivered an unforgettable night of electrifying performances from some of the most outstanding musical talents of the year.

Happy Mag’s Needle In The Hay annual competition once again proved to be a veritable treasure trove of phenomenal musical talent, and what better way to cap off such an incredible year than with a party for the ages?

On April 28, the Marly Bar in Newtown played host to Happy Mag’s 2022 NITH finalists party, a night that promised to leave music lovers reeling from the sheer magnitude of it all.

Best of all, the event was 100% free, giving punters the chance to revel in the awe-inspiring performances of some of NITH’s most outstanding 2022 finalists. Boy Soda, Dead Witch, R.F. Coleman, The Sooks, and Bandi all brought their A-game, delivering electrifying sets that left the crowd spellbound.

In a night overflowing with talent, R.F. Coleman‘s mesmerizing stage presence and special guest Rikefe’s humor and rapping skills won over a slew of new fans, while Bandi traveled all the way from New Zealand to grace the stage with her infectious pop hooks and stunning vocals.

The Sooks’ performance was nothing short of impressive, as they unleashed their latest single ‘Burn Me Out‘ adding a touch of raw, garage-rock energy and a post-punk edge to their already irresistibly cool and angular indie rock grooves.

With an intoxicating mix of sparkling psychedelia and rock & roll energy, Dead Wi†ch put on a killer set that left the audience under their spell. The band effortlessly conjured up a sonic brew that drew from 60s garage revival and added their own unique twist, resulting in a sound that was both mesmerizing and exhilarating.

In a night full of incredible performances, Boy Soda’s set stood out as a true revelation. From the moment Brae Luafalealo stepped onto the stage, he exuded a charismatic-as-fuck energy that had the crowd in the palm of his hand. And when he was joined by Dean Brady for some spellbinding soulful singing, the result was pure magic.

the sooks nith party

Soda Boy’s vocals were on point throughout, his own particular brand of urgency and playfulness were impossible to resist, transporting the audience back to a bygone era of classic R&B and hip hop while still managing to sound fresh and modern.

It was a performance that left no doubt that Boy Soda is a force to be reckoned with in the world of R&B, and one that promises even greater things to come in the years ahead.

For those lucky enough to have been there, the memories of this unforgettable evening will undoubtedly endure for years to come. And for those who missed out, fear not, for we’ve got plenty of photos to transport you back to that magical night.

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nith party 2022

nith party


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It goes without saying that we couldn’t have pulled off such an epic event without a little help from our friends – Hawkes Brewing Co, Heaps Normal, and Fellr.