Needle In The Hay Update: Top 30 finalists announced in one week!

A huge thank you to all the talented artists from Aussie & NZ who’ve blessed our ears with their exceptional entries

The quality of NITH submissions has been hella impressive, making the task of selecting the top thirty quite challenging for us, and perhaps even more so for our esteemed panel of judges, comprising industry veterans like Ben Lee and Andy Golledge, alongside media personalities Abbie Chatfield, Emmy Mack, and Ash McGregor.

In just one week, on April 18th, we unveil NITH’s top 30 finalists, to keep you going, we are giving our generous sponsors a shout out, whom without their help, the incredible NITH prize pool would not be possible!

Minor Figures Needle In The Hay

Minor Figures: The lords of plant-based goodness that have kept NITH fueled with their unparalleled support and delicious beverages.

Zenith Records Vinyl Pressing: Your music, pressed into a tangible masterpiece.

Fender Stratocaster NITH

Fender Player Stratocaster: The iconic instrument that has inspired generations of musicians.


Brixton: Style meets substance with a voucher to refine your artistic vision.

nith prize akai

AKAI MPC One+: Elevate your music production game with cutting-edge technology.


Dr. AlienSmith’s Dirtbox: Expand your sonic palette with this versatile guitar pedal.

mojave mics nith prize 2024

Mojave MA-50BLK Microphone: Capture every note with unmatched clarity and precision.

Minimonsta2 GForce NITH prize


NDH 30 studio headphones: The crown jewel in Neumann’s headphone lineup, revealing the nuances of sound in ways unheard before, enriching the NITH experience with unparalleled clarity and precision.

Neumann NDH 20

Colortone Pedals: The artisans of sound sculpting, adding a touch of magic to NITH with their boutique beauties, crafted with love right here in Sydney.

colortone NITH prize

GForce Plugins and Packs: Enhance your studio setup with top-quality digital tools.

Rhodes V8 Virtual Instrument: It doesn’t get much better than this revered electric piano emulation.

AIAIAI nith prize 2024

Acustica: The maestros of audio perfection, enhancing the NITH journey with their coveted Pop Vocal Bundle, ensuring that every note resonates with pure brilliance and warmth.

Acustica NITH prize

AIAIAI UNIT-4 Wireless+ Studio Monitors: Immerse yourself in pristine sound quality during your creative sessions.

SONY speaker NITH

Sony SRS-XG500 Bluetooth Speaker: Portable audio excellence for your on-the-go listening pleasure.


Expressive E Osmose: Elevate your musical expression with intuitive synth control.

Soundtoys 5 Bundle: Dive into a world of creative possibilities with this comprehensive suite of studio effects.

nith prize

Inter-Harmonics GEOPHON Omnidirectional Microphone: Capture every nuance of your sound with crystal-clear precision.

Grover Allman Needle In The Hay

Grover Allman: Enhance your playing experience with top-quality picks, straps, and accessories.


Dendy: Enjoy a cinematic escape and recharge your creative batteries.

kraken rum

Kraken Rum: The legendary purveyors of fine spirits who’ve gifted NITH with their iconic rum and exclusive beverages.

heaps normal

Heaps Normal Beer: The champions of alcohol-free brewing, bringing their renowned beer and killer merch.

As we eagerly anticipate crowning the champions of this years NITH, we extend a huge thank you to our media partner, Triple R, for their steadfast support in championing emerging talent in the Australian music scene.

Stay tuned as we unveil the next batch of NITH finalists April 18th.