Noel Fielding teases the long-awaited return of ‘The Mighty Boosh’

The new decade seems to be as ideal a turning point as can be. It’s a time to reflect on what the 2010s had and what they didn’t. According to Noel Fielding, one thing the last ten years didn’t have enough of was The Mighty Boosh. Too right.

In an Instagram post, the Boosh co-star has teased the return of his wacky wonderful adventure comedy.

the mighty boosh noel fielding

Will 2020 see the long-awaited return of The Mighty Boosh? According to Noel Fielding, that may finally be the case.

“There really wasn’t enough Boosh this decade! let’s try and rectify that in the next one,” Fielding captioned his post.

New episodes of The Mighty Boosh haven’t been seen on our screens since way back in 2007, so a return would certainly be big news. Previously Fielding has stated that himself and co-star Julian Barratt have talked about a Boosh movie, so take this as a glimmer of hope that’s come to fruition.


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There really wasn’t enough Boosh this decade ! let’s try and rectify that in the next one ;) x

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In other Fielding news, the comedian recently signed on with Netflix to produce a TV series about a “magical record player” which lets you “go inside your favourite albums.” Why not?