NSW have made massive changes to COVID rules

NSW have made massive changes to COVID rules, here’s what you need to know

New South Wales have scrapped isolation laws for close contacts of COVID-19, with changes coming into effect today at 6pm.

The New South Wales Government’s new COVID-19 rules will kick into gear at 6pm tonight (Friday), meaning close contacts of the virus will no longer need to isolate for seven days.

So what are the new rules? Let’s break them down.

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Credit: AAP

If you find out that you’re a close contact of COVID-19 after the rules change, instead of isolating for a full seven days,  during the same time period you will instead have to take daily RAT tests if you plan on leaving the house, and if you do leave the house, you have to wear a face mask whenever you’re indoors, like at work, or the shops.

During that seven day period you are not permitted to visit aged care, hospitals, disability, or correctional facilities and try to avoid contact with elderly and immunocompromised persons as much as you can.

Try and work from home if you can, but if that isn’t possible, you’re legally required to let your employer know that you are a close contact, or if you’re a student, give your school or university a heads up.

Served on the side of the new close contact rules, the government have also made changes to vaccination laws, with “key workforces” no longer requiring vaccinations. However aged care and disability workers still need to be vaccinated.

The other major change goes out to any unvaccinated travellers returning from international travel after the 30th of April. They will no longer need to undergo hotel quarantine as long as they take a RAT within 24 hours of touching down.

The Government didn’t officially mention it, but we’d recommend that you still refrain from any unnecessary licking.