Overwhelmed by Aussie talent? So are we, but thankfully Dan and Moktar from Polographia are here to help with a list of their 10 favourite acts in the country

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We’re straight up drowning in some amazing electronica right now in Australia, and with so many sick acts around it’s getting harder than ever to pick favourites.

A duo that’s sure to be making a shit ton of punter’s favourites lists, however, is Polographia. For their trouble, they’re getting booked all over the shop, with the massive V Movement Sydney looming nearest on the horizon.


Polographia’s nostalgic beats are at the forefront of Aussie electronica, and as prominent nodes in the scene we’ve asked the duo for a little help deciphering it.

Polographia’s two members Moktar and Dan are as enthusiastic about the Aussie music scene as they are entwined in it. Since we’re generally too stoked on everything we hear to pick favourites, we asked each of them to pick their top five home-grown acts of the now.


Sampa The Great

Rodriguez and Sampa make the perfect recipe. I love the energy that she brings to every track. It is so rare to have this work to come out of Australia. This girl has so much talent!

Winston Surfshirt

Hands down to be the next big thing for Australia. No matter what Winston touches it turns into gold! 10/10 live shows and 10/10 brilliant music.

Tame Impala

My first live music experience, I saw them back in ’08 and they have been one of my Australian bands ever since.


Their album The Worry is my favourite album…ever.


These guys always take me on journey with their sound. Every year its something slightly new and I love it.



I don’t know how he does it but every song, every mix, every EP, every album he comes out with is perfect! My favourite musician/producer/DJ of all time!


Our good friend and the most incredible talent in Australia for sure. He creates the most beautiful music with incredibly intricate sounds and melodies. He’s been working on a new album and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

Oscar Key Sung

A very talented vocalist and futuristic producer. I still believe that his song Holograms is one of the most beautiful songs ever written. He’s a great dancer too.


Coolest duo out there! Modern funk meets the most amazing voice out! Their new album is great & I’m always preaching these two to my work friends.

Client Liaison

Style lords! Awesome songs and amazing films clips! Love the crucial mix of 80’s and business wear. Make sure you go and see them live for the most inspirational performance of your life.