FKN LOL: Someone redirected Pauline Hanson’s website to The Refugee Council of Australia

Oh the irony. Pauline Hanson’s website was bought by a stranger who proceeded to unleash the troll of the century.

As a politician, Pauline Hanson has built her career on a wildly problematic sense of white fragility. She’s helped create a space for far-right figures in the Aussie political landscape to feel comfortable promoting their outwardly racist, divisive, and prejudiced policies – which include, but sadly aren’t limited to, the “danger of being swamped by Asians” and fighting against Indigenous rights. Big WTF.

So, Pauline Hanson – renowned flagbearer of institutionalised racism (and overall idiocy) – has made the mistake of letting her website domain expire, leaving it free for anyone to take over. And you bet someone did. When you go to, you’re no longer welcomed by her mind-numbingly daft One Nation propaganda. Instead, you’ll end up being redirected to the Refugee Council of Australia.

website redirect
Photo: PedestrianTV

There’s no suggestion that the Refugee Council of Australia was responsible for the prank or had any part in it, but the irony of Hanson – an infamous racist and xenophobe – having her website redirected to a refugee organisation that actively supports inclusivity and multiculturalism isn’t lost on anyone.

To whoever bought and repurposed her website: you’re an absolute legend.