PewDiePie named 2020’s most handsome man

Congratulations PewDiePie, you’re the proud owner of 2020’s most handsome mug. Since the list was revealed, PewDiePie has been trending all over social media.

Ultra-popular Youtuber PewDiePie has taken out the pole position in TC Candler’s annual Most Handsome Face list, beating out a number of other popular stars such as Henry Cavill, Chris Hemsworth, BTS member Jungkook, and well, every other man on the planet.

The list, published every year since 1990 by TC Candler alongside The Independent Critics, has recently been revealed by way of a Youtube livestream, usually to a chorus of fanboys and fangirls valiantly arguing over the rankings.

pewdiepie most handsome face 2020

PewDiePie – real name Felix Kjellberg – isn’t a new face on this list. He’s been slowly but surely climbing the ranks since TC Candler first listed him in 2016, where he placed 18th. In 2017 he was seventh, in 2018 he was fourth, and in 2019 he was second, losing out to Jungkook (who placed second in 2020).

For PewDiePie, 2020 was the year he took a short break from creating Youtube content, citing personal burnout as the reason behind his sabbatical. He also got ripped as hell somewhere along the way, to the delight of a particularly horny sect of his fans and millions of meme artists across the web.

Fans, of course, have had a lot to say about Kjellberg being the most handsome man in 2020. Many have cited celebrities who placed under Pewds as more handsome, as if it’s possible to quantify such a thing by passion alone.

Remember, it’s the handsomeness on the inside that counts.