Pink Floyd have just joined TikTok

Life just got way trippier, as psych-rockers, Pink Floyd, have just signed their entire catalogue to TikTok.

Boomer-rockers Pink Floyd are re-energising their engagement with a fresh new TikTok account. Aspiring to follow the viral rejuvenation of Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams, or Billy Joel’s Vienna, the British psych-rockers promise “unique video content”.

The band have uploaded their entire catalogue to the TikTok sound library, so be prepared for incoming videos and incalculable Pink Floyd tripped out stitches. Pink Floyd’s embrace of the platform coincides with the 50th anniversary of when they began to record their seminal work, The Dark Side of The Moon.

Pink Floyd, Ukraine.
David Gilmour and Nick Mason, flanked by Nitin Sawhney and Guy Pratt, who performed on Hey Hey Rise Up.

So far, the band have used Breathe (In the Air) and the classic, Another Brick in the Wall for their first two videos on platform. Having already racked up 7,500 followers, it seems the hypnotically trippy visuals and the sound of classic psych-rock sits well with TikTokers.

Having been around for nearly 50 years, Pink Floyd are showing no signs of curbing their relevance, having released their first new music in almost 30 years in solidarity with Ukraine. The song, titled Hey Hey Rise Up, features Ukrainian vocalist Andriy Khlyvnyuk alongside surviving members, David Gilmour, and Nick Mason (in lieu of Roger Waters).

All proceeds from the song have gone towards the Ukrainian Humanitarian Fund, and in protest of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Pink Floyd and David Gilmour have also pulled their catalogue from all streaming services in Russia and Belarus.

Hey Hey Rise Up, is a sombre lament, featuring a moody chorus-line sung in Ukrainian, pared with a prototypical Pink Floyd guitar solo. It’s certainly a sympathetic commiseration, but also exudes an impassioned call to strength for Ukraine.