Why everyone’s buzzing around PlayStation’s futuristic next-gen VR controller

PlayStation have just revealed their next-gen VR controller for the PS5, and it’s every bit as futuristic as it sounds.

Following the recent announcement of a next-generation virtual reality system for the PS5, this next-gen VR controller is a futuristic addition to PlayStation’s expanding VR equipment.

PlayStation have been releasing a huge amount of hardware recently, with their DualSense controller in 2020 being a hot topic due to its groundbreaking new sensors.

Playstation next-gen VR controller PS5

The next-gen VR controller builds on the DualSense, using similar technology to create a new device that hones even deeper into your sense of touch.

Starting from its design, the controller offers an intuitive, user-friendly shape that is much lighter and less clunkier than current VR hand-held devices. Its orb shape allows players to grasp the controller naturally while having more freedom to move. Apparently, it’s a one-size-fits-all controller too.

The new controller takes in key features from the DualSense and enhances them. For example, the adaptive triggers are cleverly placed so that users can instinctively use the triggers, like when shooting an arrow.

Haptic feedback, finger touch detection – a new feature – and a tracking ring are imbedded in the new controllers so that you can feel any in-game vibrations while simultaneously also being able to reflect any gestures you make on the device. Say goodbye to stiff, awkward hands and clear the way for more natural on-screen gestures!

The action buttons and analog sticks also remain, but unlike other PlayStation controllers, they’re split. The right controller contains one analog stick plus the cross and circle buttons, while the left has the other analog stick as well as the triangle and square buttons.

It’s safe to say that this next-gen VR controller is an exciting update to the future of gaming.

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