PlayStation Showcase September 2021: how to watch and what to expect

The latest PlayStation Showcase has officially been announced, and it’s streaming on September 10, 2021 at 6AM AEST. Rumours have started flying around regarding what will make an appearance, but Sony have been quick to confirm a few notable omissions.

With Gamescom still fresh in our collective memory one might be forgiven for not realising how long it’s been since we’ve had an official PlayStation Showcase event. And considering the lack of recent positive news for PS5 gamers (I’m still a bit touchy about the Horizon Forbidden West delay), it can’t come soon enough.

Sony’s official announcement acknowledges this by starting with a conciliatory tone, “you’ve been awfully patient, and we thank you for that.” However, they kept things brief, focusing on key details such as how to actually watch the upcoming PlayStation Showcase – which can be viewed live from YouTube or Twitch.  We’ll include a link in this article once it’s available.

playstation showcase
Screenshot: Horizon Forbidden West / Guerrilla Games

Now onto the more interesting stuff. First things first, we have some bad news for virtual reality enthusiasts: the announcement confirms that PlayStation’s next generation of VR hardware will not be in attendance at this PlayStation Showcase. It’s become a bit of running joke how little we know about this upcoming piece of tech, but at least we know what the bloody controller looks like.

On a more positive note, which should nonetheless be taken with a grain of salt, the PlayStation community is feeling confident that we will finally bear witness to a proper God of War 5 reveal.

Other fans believe that we might finally hear some news about the rumoured Bloodborne PS5 remaster, but considering all the focus on Elden Ring, this might be a longshot.

We are expecting to see some exciting new indie games at this PlayStation Showcase too, as Sony mentioned there will be “plenty of great PS5 games from developers large and small.

Be sure to check in with us after the September PlayStation Showcase has taken place, as we will be doing a rundown of all the highlights.

god of war 5
Image: God of War / Santa Monica Studio