PREMIERE: Take an ambient tour of Japan in Caramel’s nostalgic new clip Kinkakuji

Caramel is a Brisbane based dream-pop group that won over my heart with their recent single Kinkakuji. So, I was more than ready for my cold dead heart to be warmed again with the accompanying film clip.

The home recorded track is brimming with the quaint and humble charm you’d expect from a personal project such as this one. It is an introspective and synth driven song with a juicy bassline that keeps you interested, and coming back for more.

The video opens with a Japanese fast train that moves forward with the bassline, as an array of images fade in and out in time with the music. We’re treated to various religious symbols and Shinto Shrines while Haruomi Hosono-esque synth lines transport us above the clouds… hopefully in a jet plane to Japan.

Caramel seek to solidify their DIY spirit with their nostalgic video Kinkakuji, glowing with as many moods as their relaxing, introspective and ambient sound.

It seems they aren’t the only ones flocking to Japan to film their videos, and all it does is make me want a holiday.

The two Brissy boys behind Caramel have proven their ability as songsmiths. They have crafted a beautiful, moving landscape in Kinkakuji and its subsequent video. It’s a pleasant experience to say the least and it appears the people are responding, with Caramel’s first-ever gig going off without a hitch.

If you’re keen to grab Kinkakuji on wax, it’s available in a split 10″ single on Caramel’s Bandcamp. Also stocked in Brisbane’ Jet Black Cat Music.