PREMIERE: Iluka and Lime Cordiale are anything but a ‘Mess’ on their new single

Sydney pals Iluka and Lime Cordiale have teamed up for a brand new hit named Mess. Before it’s out to the world tomorrow, take an early peek at the beautifully dishevelled music video.

Iluka is an artist who hasn’t made a bad choice over the last couple of years. Her songwriting continues to grow stronger, her video clips are always amazing to behold, and now, she’s teamed up with Lime Cordiale for what’s sure to be a hit.

Before Mess and its accompanying clip are out to the world on Friday April 16th, you can give it an early watch and listen right below.

Mess is the best of both artistic worlds; a soaring pop chorus with Iluka’s vocals at the fore, a gorgeously put together music video, and the kind of lackadaisical groove we’ve come to love Lime Cordiale for. Speaking about how the collab came about, Iluka shared:

“I have been friends with Louis and Oli [Leimbach, of Lime Cordiale] for years and so when I had the idea for the song I sent it straight through to them as a rough voice memo, warts and all.”

“I envisioned it as a story between two lovers reflecting on a past relationship and a more carefree time in their life. They loved the song and idea so together we fleshed it out and Mess was born!”

It was an instant yes from Lime Cordiale, who were “definitely a bit chuffed to be asked to collab on the track.”

“We grew up playing together,” they continued, “sharing stages in venues and house parties throughout the Northern Beaches of Sydney and eventually touring Australia. An incredible songwriter and performing artist who we are big fans of.”

Iluka Lime Cordiale Mess

Mess is all about youth and its chaotic moments, you know, the ones that may seem horrible at the time, but are looked back upon fondly. From relationships to questionable decisions (sometimes both at once), Mess is a love letter to innocence and the wonderful times it has brought us all.

The clip was directed and produced by Sophia de Vries, with Jack Shepard (who has directed previous Lime Cordiale videos including Screw Loose and On Our Own) as DOP. Suitably, it comes doused in a throwback charm, complete with vintage-inspired outfits, old-world microphones, and a dose of film grain to top it all off.


Mess is out Friday 16 April. Pre-save the single here.