PREMIERE: Mayhills continues to develop his immersive brand of music with In Shadow

Perth-based producer Drew Mayhills, or just simply Mayhills, has unveiled another piece of his dark sonic canvas with the release of his latest In Shadow.

His Ableton-produced tracks are somehow both deeply unsettling and rather soothing; he balances contradictions in his own form of visceral and emotive electronica.

Perth-based producer Mayhills shares another taste of his dark, visceral electronica with new music video for In Shadow, featuring oscillating digital figures and sounds.

Mayhills has been making waves in the WA music scene of late. Aside from creating and releasing his music, he often collaborates with yoga and meditation workshops to create immersive and emotive soundscape experiences. Which makes sense when you listen to the heavy vibrations and multi-dimensional textures in his sound. In Shadow is no exception.

It’s a pulsing track with a churning baseline and intricate layers of electronic beats and loops. Weighty digital tones oscillate around industrial beats in a grinding sound. An eerie refrain repeats over the dense instrumentals and adds an otherworldly feel to the song.

The production on the track is clearly that of an Ableton wizard who can make his own world of sounds.

The music video directed by Jackson Heeley is just as substantial, confronting the shadows within. The viewer feels just as frustrated as the dancer who beats around an empty studio space, forced to face an inescapable shadow figure. Which takes the form of a digital kind of darkness, black pixels that swirl around the room.

It’s a pretty confrontational release from Mayhills, calling us to do exactly what the track is titled: look In Shadow.

Check out the video clip below: