NUSSY is a kaleidoscope of colour and charm in Body Talk video

PREMIERE: Nussy takes away the mind’s chatter with emotional, colour filled video for sensual single, Body Talk

With a voice that both romances the ear and saddens the heart, Nussy has continued to captivate her audience one song at a time, and is doing so again with the release of a music video for her latest single, Body Talk, directed by Daniel Smith.


Filmed in an abandoned alleyway, Nussy’s brand new video for Body Talk provides a follow-up to the stunning visual attraction to her bizarre, colourful world.

Body Talk tells the enchanting story of hopeless attraction – being so into someone that when you’re with them, you’re almost consumed by them.

This characteristic is brought to life throughout the music video using a simple brick wall and visual effects which are simple, yet breathtakingly effective in the way it draws great attention to Nussy’s physically presented emotions, showing the intangible power that draws people together.

The video immerses us deeply into the colourful and unique world of Nussy through her outfits, and all round appearance – plain, ripped clothes topped with a fluffy, bright-coloured coat and eye make-up.

Her slow, glitchy movements draw insight into the complete power of the emotions shes being drawn to.

Nussy has been attracting attention since the release of her debut single Dizzy and self-titled EP in July 2014. In the highly saturated world of Australian electronica, Nussy stands out from the rest as an artist with a story to tell. 

What makes Nussy so unique is her ability to tell her stories, and give us an emotionally heavy performance all the while a kaleidoscope of colours confiscate the other thoughts in our minds, leaving us with the sole image of her, and the sound of her singing.

Her single My Heroin provided a stark and brutal look into the seesawing emotional world of a poisonous relationship, while her next track Sinking Into You, concerns the age-old saga of falling headfirst into an all-consuming relationship with someone who isn’t the best for you.

Nussy has kept on the same path of themes when it comes to Body Talk, and has done so impressively well. Remember 2016 as the year you took Nussy into your heart and your eardrums for good.

With several killer single releases set to be staggered throughout the coming months, and many more shows to come, Nussy is out to prove a point. Stay tuned.