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PREMIERE: Web Rumors deliver faultless, disco debut album

Western Australia collective Web Rumors deliver on a stunning, 80s inspired, debut album Audio Video Disco.

Masterminded by prolific songstress, Em Burrows, if the near flawless album was released in the 80s, there is no doubt it would be woven into the tapestry of undying world-class disco.

Web RumorsWeb Rumors deliver sultry, synth drenched, saxophone grooves in their disco inspired debut album harkening back to the glory of the 80s.

West Australian songwriter and producer Em Burrows continues to refine her craft and blur all other lines with Web Rumors; a new wave pop act that passes through disco by way of Sade and Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

Taking influence from the electronic, pop, and psych music of the late 70s and early 80s, Web Rumors is the culmination of Burrows’ musical output to date and follows on from her debut 2018 solo LP Invisible Seams. Incorporating sweeping analogue synths, reverb soaked saxophone, and electronic percussion, Burrows fashions tightly spun disco arrangements and an unforgettable top line in Sinner (For Your Love).

The close quarters grooves and tactile, foamy synths draw likeness to Earth Wind & Fire, while the electro, new-wave elements and soaring hooks harness elements of Prince and Jamiroquai. This is ever apparent on IOUs and the album jewel, We Don’t Need A Hero.

“It’s my little homage to Sade who was an artist my dad loved and played lots in our house growing up” Em Burrows explains. “I love the 80s studio percussion – congas, chimes etc – so I really wanted to use them in this track. The main synth is a Yamaha DX7 which was also a classic 80s synth. The song itself is a reflection on a significant relationship in my life where I felt like I was always being asked to give to someone I loved and it just became so difficult to keep doing it but I didn’t know how to tell the person.”

Through it all Web Rumors debut album Audio Video Disco is a well balanced and incredibly well executed new-wave, disco album. From the dance floor dive bombs of Sinner (For Your Love) to the more tender, off-centre numbers like Chrysalis and Plasticine Houses. Each song is delicately hand-crafted and the lyrics are handled with care, despite the often epic sonic heights.

The reverb soaked saxophone is a frequent companion throughout the album and elevates many tunes to unforeseen, heavenly heights. With toes dipped in jazz, the sax is always a welcome addition, never overstaying it’s welcome in spite of it’s presence.

Burrows plays with lo-fi komische synth sounds and self aware liberalisms in Downtown Denizen and the oppressive nature of society in Heavenly Bodies; her commanding contralto sitting at the sonic centre of both.

Web Rumors are making expert, catchy, disco from the western half of Australia. The incredibly potent creative hub is generating enough quality art for the entire country at the moment, and Audio Video Disco is no exception. Nothing short of a masterpiece.

Catch Web Rumors as they head on an album tour of the West Coast. Dates below:

31 Aug – Mojos, Freemantle WA – Tickets here.
6 Sep – Settlers Tavern, Margaret River, WA – Event here.
7 Sep – The Fire Station, Busselton, WA – Event here.




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August 20, 2019