Ricky Gervais is blocking people who make fun of his new special

Looks like the edge lord himself, Ricky Gervais can’t handle a joke if the joke is on him.

Ricky Gervais’ most recent Netflix special SuperNature was met with a whole lot of backlash because Gervais’ said some crook shit, as usual.

The comedian prides himself on his ‘challenging’ and ‘edgy’ humour but it feels like he just can’t get enough of talking about the trans community… of course, everyone else has had enough of hearing it.

One Twitter user has proved that while Ricky may be able to dish it out, he certainly can’t take it.

Apparently, Gervais quickly blocks anyone who makes fun of him, as Alejandra Caraballo proved when they tweeted a joke at the comedian.

Caraballo isn’t alone in the experience either as many took to Twitter to chat about how the comic reacts to criticism.