Watch Snoop Dogg play himself and his entire family in the greatest Christmas ad of all time

SodaStream’s Christmas commercial will go down in history after Snoop Dogg starred as himself and his whole family and saved the world.

When it comes to Christmas time you might find yourself wondering what to get someone who has everything. You might also wonder how come Snoop Dogg is so happy all the time. His answer is simple: “the little things”. It’s a Snoop Dog Christmas miracle.

A new SodaStream commercial featuring the rapper has gone viral – and it’s as wild as Snoop has ever been (and arguably a whole lot weirder). The video includes Snoop Dogg acting as his own children and dog, also featuring a studio collaboration with his turtle friend whilst enjoying some special baked treats. One thing’s for sure: Menulog better step up their game the next time they call on The Dogg for a commercial.

Snoop Commercial

I’m going to go ahead and call it that this is the best Christmas advertisement of all time – and precisely the cinematic masterpiece we need to get us through COVID-19. When he tells his kids to put their phones away at family dinner, one responds “I’m in school”, before Snoop mentions he’s planned dinner at home because he had to cancel his yearly culinary trip.

Snoop would have enjoyed a lot of meals from home this year after his collaboration with Menulog which surely had him covered, but he wouldn’t stop there, no! Snoop would not let 2020 keep him down.

Snoops collaboration choice is pretty amazing, as he describes, “I don’t need to start a nature relief fund to help save the planet from plastic waste, I simply enjoy fresh sparkling water with a nearly extinct friend.”

This eco-friendly attitude shows that Snoop Dogg truly is a wise old dog these days and has evolved past his need for Gin and Juice.

Check the video below and save the planet.