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I stumbled upon Adelaide based Swimming after browsing Triple J Unearthed’s Top 50 Most Played Artists of 2013. They clocked in at #17. A relatively unremarkable number*, it was their band name that caught my eye. Conjuring up images of lazy, hazy days spent chlorine soaked and happy, I Googled them. Then I found this interview that said that Swimming’s debut album, Yes, Tonight, was best listened to while “walking through the city with decent dancing shoes on, on your way to a date with a stranger”. I was also impressed by that; any band that can claim to soundtrack one of life’s most nerve wracking moments has gotta have something going for them.

swimming the band

These guys have been making music since 2011, and have supported Chet Faker, Fishing and Deep Sea Arcade. After spending so much of 2013 listening to washed out, low-fi garage anthems, my ears welcomed the sweet, melodic gentleness of Swimming. They are truly a pleasure to take in, with soft swirling foundations that are controlled and balanced by sharp, harmonic vocals. To me, this is the soundtrack to summer afternoon naps, with your bedroom window open and blowing in a steady, jasmine soaked afternoon breeze.

*Editorial would like to add that TJU is the largest band site of its kind in the world and 17th out of 100,000 is pretty bloody awesome.




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December 23, 2013

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