Taka Perry takes centre stage on new single ‘Operator’

Taka Perry’s career has so far been marked with all-star collabs. On his new single, Operator, he flies solo with spectacular results.

Taka Perry has enjoyed a short but explosive career up to this point. Bursting out of the blocks with some ingenious collabs (Leon Fanourakis, Stevan, and Ruel among others), not to mention an incredible Like A Version performance, he’s barely had time to focus on his solo work. So it comes as refreshing news that the production genius is also flexing his vocal chops on his new single, Operator. 

With a tempo and groove that’s ready for the club, it’s yet another irresistible track to emerge from Perry’s Sydney studio.

Taka Perry

As the artist explains, he’s invigorated by the challenge of going solo for this release. Operator is me moving on from the last years of uncertainty and channelling some feel-good energy into a summer jam,” Perry explained. “It’s my first solo release since Diamonds, so it was a great opportunity to look inwards at my creativity and make something that feels exactly like how I want to be feeling.”

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With delicious synth pads and retro slap bass grooves, there are hints of French touch and disco. But with Perry’s vocal up front, powered by his incredible sense of melody, it’s also a pure pop banger that’s sure to be the soundtrack of your summer.

Operator is out now. Stream it below: