Tasche and the Psychedelic Roses take us through their self-titled LP track-by-track

Tasche and the Psychedelic Roses take us through the throes of living in a man’s world as women with their intoxicating self-titled album.

Forged from the rhythm, joy, and despair in the vibrant streets of New Orleans is Tasche and the Psychedelic Roses. The band doesn’t limit themselves by genre norm, as they fuse four-part vocal harmonies, grungy guitar riffs, elements of punk and doo-wop, as well as psychedelia into their music, creating an authentic sound that will leave you in awe.

Their music sways between the lines of sweetness and destruction, which is best showcased in their electrifying new release, which is their self-titled album.

Tasche and the pyschedelic roses
Credit: Camille Lenain

This album is about a life of unapologetic transformation. It is about coming into your power and learning how to say goodbye to the things that damage you. Band leader and producer, Tasche takes us through the ten-track album, as they journey through the highs and woes of life, channeling feminist alchemy.

#1 – Hook

There is a difference between dreaming and actually going somewhere when you sleep. Hook in this case is about astral projecting into a particular realm. The tiers took me to a giant ballroom in space, a tangible place. You could see the stars and asteroids through the gothic windows, chandeliers of glimmering crystal. Women were dancing in black outfits after escaping this earth and joining one another to celebrate, far away from the male gaze, far from misogyny. They gave me this song and I was sent right back to earth. Thankfully I remembered.

#2 – Happy Song

Happy Song is a murder ballad written in honour of survivors. Despite its gloomy subject, its purpose is to be funny and enjoyable to listen to, when in reality it resembles a tragic reoccurring story endured by too many. It is a parody of an originally Happy Song written by a living predator that was forged into a blade against him, using his vile actions as fuel for this new mischievous creation, making a mockery of a true vampire.

#3 – Blue Window

Blue Window can be interpreted as any type of heartbreak there is, a wide variety exists. The perspectives have transformed and continue to every time I sing this song. It was written on a cold blue day in an attic and there it will remain. Regardless of how many times I was told to look around me to see the world by people I’ve loved deeply, I’ve drowned in depression and PTSD, and couldn’t escape it. This has led to endless heartbreak, strength of love aside. Blue Window was created in the midst of that sorrow, encapsulating a portion.

#4 – Pretty Things

The lyrics in Pretty Things are simple, but interpreted, their meaning is that the void inside you cannot be filled with another being. You have to find it in yourself to drain into emptiness in preparation for wholeness. You regenerate with substance from a higher source that can be tapped into with focus. It’s easy to fall into unhealthy patterns when addicted to chemistry from another. This song is about finding that chemistry internally.

tasche and the psychedelic roses
Credit: Camille Lenain

#5 – Cult

Originating from a classic circus marching band song called Desert Patrol, Cult was rewritten with my two brothers as we were raised in the same circus. I was the first to run away from this circus and slowly but surely, so did the rest of my siblings after discovering that it is a bit of a cult. This song’s purpose is to reminisce about the dreamy times of childhood, marching with our circus band. The recording mixes in the twisted cult nature subtly, hence the tape warp at the end melting into itself.

#6 – Daffodil

Daffodil is the dusty old book of “love” we all know so well. Here it is in its true form. A rose-lit window into a psychedelic doo-wop version of it. It’s easy to make fun of this overplayed story, which is exactly what we are doing. We added a little bit of guitar jonesing for the climax of ecstasy but the itch isn’t relieved. This is a flirty pop-inspired song, the pop part being the driver here. I co-wrote this one with a friend in Tucson. It’s completely transformed since then.


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#7 – Dying Art

Dying Art displays damage from mysterious bugs vibrating in screens lodged to the body, constantly notifying with reminders of inadequacy and loneliness. It’s a tick attaching itself and nudging one pleasurable validation to the next, leaving a trail of forgotten treasures once they lose their perceived value. Carelessness trends this way. Need of love and support is deemed desperate, insanity. Dying Art is the search for substance in the abyss of yourself being ticked in the clockwork of life. It calls to the void that love leaves behind in its low tide, singing in prayer to be lifted from a chaotic place. It’s the difficult process of finding peace in the reality of disappointment, cherishing abandon like its warmth itself.

#8 – Leave My Bones Out

There was mention earlier about my background in the circus. There are plenty of details to that, but one of the most important characteristics is my biggest influence, Rebo Flordigan. I’ve never met this woman but her music has been my bible since I’ve heard tales of her legendary nature growing up. Everyone seemed to be in love with her, moonstruck in tears after her departure from this world. She put an album out before she died. Leave My Bones Out is one of the many songs of hers that I cover. Thank you Rebo.


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#9 – Tunnel

Tunnel is a rendition of Django Reinhardt’s song Douce Ambiance. I took the basis of this classic, commonly played song and wrote lyrics and melody to it for all the jazz nerds to enjoy and sing while they shred. I can’t really take credit for it. I feel like some cool spirit was passing by and I only channeled. It’s about the psychedelic experience of finding yourself in New Orleans, the battle of light and dark, the display of yourself with no apprehension. This is what the spirits want. The spirits cackle and party at the end of the recording.

#10 – Greener

The grass is greener on the other side, it’s true. It’s a bummer when someone you love finds that out first. There is a feeling of falling into a well while exclaiming that you are hurting in Greener, although it doesn’t seem like anyone is listening at the top. Didn’t get a chance to say goodbye and now is it. There is resentment, love, and empathy while waving goodbye, smoothing the edges of ruffled sheets with a beating heart. This is a solemn departure to the album, but suitable considering the rollercoaster we were just on together. Everyone’s gotta go eventually regardless of the strength of connection. This song is the music of these thoughts and feelings.

Stream Tasche and the Psychedelic Roses’ self-titled album via Spotify below.