T Breezy and Walkerboy deliver joint Mixtape ‘SOUTHS MOST WANTED’

T Breezy and Walkerboy pay homage to the iconic duos of hip-hop’s past while carving out their own unique lane with ‘SOUTHS MOST WANTED’

Rising from the streets of Inverell, First Nations rappers T Breezy and Walkerboy drop their long-awaited joint mixtape, ‘SOUTHS MOST WANTED,’ courtesy of the Sydney-based label TRACKWORK.

This gritty project, overseen by TRACKWORK’s Utility, known for nurturing rising stars like Vv Pete, Snoee Badman, Sevy, and BAYANG (tha Bushranger), ‘SOUTHS MOST WANTED’ embodies a fusion of melodic drill and trap beats from start to finish.


T Breezy and Walkerboy’s mixtape, ‘SOUTHS MOST WANTED,’ is more than just music; it’s a story.

Across 12 tracks, they paint a vivid picture of their lives in Inverell, Australia. From upbeat anthems like ‘WHAT DO’ to introspective cuts like ‘ALONE,’ each song reflects their struggles and unwavering spirit.

The ‘WHAT DO’ music video, filmed locally by Nathan Brown, showcases the rappers’ hometown and the close-knit community that supports them.

It contrasts their current reality with their ambitious dreams, a feeling echoed throughout the mixtape.

Tracks like ‘PAID’ and ‘CLAP’ boast T Breezy and Walkerboy’s confidence, while ‘ALONE’ and ‘FRINGE’ explore themes of focus and drive.

‘SOUTHS MOST WANTED’ isn’t just about the artists; it’s a voice for regional artists in New South Wales, highlighting the challenges they face.

T Breezy and Walkerboy’s infectious energy and talent are undeniable. From iconic venues like the Sydney Opera House to underground festivals like Dark Mofo and Soft Centre, their journey is one of constant hustle.

‘SOUTHS MOST WANTED’ is a testament to their unwavering spirit and a sign of even greater things to come.

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