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The Dead Heads – This Is What Is Happening In Sydney

The Dead Heads

Among the mountain of local acts at the moment,  Sydney band The Dead Heads are setting themselves apart with the release of their third self-produced album This Is What Is Happening In Sydney. They’re demonstrating that an amazing album can come out of a bedroom studio (takes me back to Cody Chestnutt). The boys were ready to record and they weren’t going to let a silly little thing like not being signed or having no cash for studio time stop them from creating a kick-ass record.

The Dead Heads - This Is What Is Happening In Sydney

Unlike many other local psych-garage groups with a lo-fi sound, their musicianship is exemplary; from the solid rythm section, intricate, multi-layered guitar and keyboard harmonies to Oscar Jeffery’s charmingly carefree vocals – The Brag

The Dead Heads, an all brother troupe of gritty garage rockers approach their music like most of us do our livers, with a healthy appetite for destruction. Very much not concerned with the usual bullshit, these guys are all about the fun of playing and recording, unfazed by the many less glamorous sides of playing in a fledgling indie band – Music Feeds

The skill, love and attention lavished on this release by it’s band members is immediately obvious with the opening notes of the opening track, ‘Beach Vibrations’. These Sydney-siders are still in their early stages but this effort has resulted in a true gem; This Is What Is Happening In Sydney is an album that The Dead Heads can certainly be proud of.

I’ve heard writers using words like “grunge” and other lazy descriptors that might pigeon-hole these guys and turn people away initially. Don’t buy into it. There is so much more than that going on here. It is a sonically brilliant, minimal pop-gem capturing a vibe that lays somewhere between bands like WAAVES and NO AGE – a refined mix of dissonance and melody: a good pop song, and the perfect amount of noise – Review Stalker

The Dead Heads currently have no upcoming gigs advertised on their Facebook, but keep an eye on the gig guides and hope for the best. This Is What Is Happening In Sydney is available as a name-your-price album on the band’s bandcamp.



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June 26, 2013