The Killers pause Manchester show to check on elderly crowdsurfer

The Killers pause Manchester show to check on elderly crowd surfer

The Killers stopped their massive Manchester show to make sure a 67-year-old crowd surfer was okay.

While performing at the Emirates Old Trafford, The Killers singer Brandon Flowers stopped the show when he saw an elderly man being taken over the barrier.

Upon seeing this, Flowers immediately jumped from the stage. Noticing the blood on the back of the gentleman’s head, the singer made sure he was okay while sharing a warm embrace.

The Killers in Manchester
Credit: Publicity Picture

This is what makes The Killers so unique and a joy to witness live. As Flowers put his arms around Billy, the crowd surfer, he then said to the crowd: “I said Billy what ya doin’?”

This was then followed with: “He told me ‘I’m enjoyin’ me self’.”

This heartwarming moment is just the cherry on top of a widely successful UK/Ireland tour for the Las Vegas outfit. NME reported: “The Killers return wiser, smarter and with a pair of albums that show the full breadth of their capabilities. The returning tour will go down as one of their finest and most rewarding ever.”

Between the songs we’ve sung for years and the band themselves inviting lucky members of the audience to perform with the band, The Killers are still proving their place in today’s music. Enough for a 67-year-old man to crowd surf and have blood coming from his head while smiling and enjoying yourself.

He really did smile like he meant it!