The Sunday League drop their fuzzy and nostalgic new single Rock n Roll

Originally hailing from Hobart, four-piece The Sunday League have picked up and sailed across the Tasman Sea to Melbourne to chase their Rock N Roll dreams. Which also happens to be the title of their latest single.

Rock n Roll

Rock n Roll is the latest single from The Sunday League’s upcoming album, a song that yearns for young dreams lost in fuzzy rock n’ roll nostalgia.

Rock n Roll is the first taste of what the group have been making since their self-titled debut dropped in 2017, and previews their upcoming second album, Make It What You Want. Following on from the release of the last album, they’ve been making waves in the live music scene in Melbourne and following the shorelines up and down with an Aussie east coast tour.

Now they’re turning out more of their heart-felt alt-rock. This song, written by bassist and core songwriter Ian Stolp, is an ode to the old-time rock n roll classics from the late 80s and early 90s. It’s a yearning for young dreams lost and wraps up sentiments of fear and fading hope in a fuzzy, guitar-driven sense of nostalgia.

The song is brimming with jangly guitar riffs, dreamy anthems, and a rosy baseline. It sounds like a classic about the classics; a song you feel like you’ve already heard on the car radio as you’re breezing down the highway.

The Sunday League have captured that whimsical haze of heart-felt rock; their new song captures a sound perfect for daydreaming of rock n roll escapism, but just punchy enough to keep you dancing.

Check out the new single above.