This ‘unicorn pupper’ will win your heart in an instant

This little puppy is sure to brighten your mood today. Rae the golden retriever has one ear, situated right on the top of her head.

People have taken to social media to express their love for her, most comparing her to a unicorn because of her unique feature. At the time of this article, Rae has racked up almost 30,000 loving followers and fans on Instagram.

goldenunicornrae unicorn puppy
Photo: @goldenunicornrae

This adorable unicorn puppy named Rae only has one ear, right at the top and centre of her head. Fair to say, we’re obsessed.

Rae’s unicorn feature is a result of an injury from when she was born, leaving her with only one ear. Over time, the remaining ear has seemed to ‘migrate’ to the top of her head.

The injury has not impacted the little pup in the slightest, she’s reportedly still the happiest doggo, and can hear perfectly through her remaining ear. Rae’s fans have dubbed her ‘unipupper’ in Instagram comments. It’s all so wholesome.

The Instagram page only features 22 photos of the puppy, though we’re expecting to see plenty more coming up soon! Find Rae on Instagram by clicking here.


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Unicorn in full effect🤣🦄

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