Vid O’ the Week – FKA Twigs

Tahliah Barnett was born in rural Gloucestershire. You know, one of those counties of Britain that truly feels like the middle of nowhere. When she was 17, she moved to the big bright lights of London to pursue her desires of becoming a professional dancer.

Like thousands before her, her first meeting with various new forms of art and creation came with the exposure to a bustling, culturally diverse, cosmopolitan city.After a string of background appearances dancing in video clips and live performances, Barnett began to explore her musical impulses.

fka twigsI wasn’t really a fan until I saw this video. FKA Twigs is hypnotising and spooky, with a voice that could stop even the shittiest of babies from crying.

The artist Formaly Known As (FKA) Twigs was the moniker she adopted. I began to hear whispers of her name about a year and a half ago as one of those cool chicks that the Internet seems to spit out every now and then. Yes, she has a mesmerizing face, cool piercings and Spanish and Jamaican heritage (good Lord, what a combo).

I was quick to dismiss her as yet another sexy-but-kinda-weird-looking, alternative electronic artist, with a healthy dose of mysteriousness sprinkled upon her pretty head. Besides, this is when I was listening to lots of Grimes, so naturally she was my pick o’ the bunch.

Today, I found FKA Twigs’ clip to Hide, which is actually more like a live performance film, created by Yours Truly alongside record label Young Turks and Dazed. It is candidly filmed inside some casual Mayan ruins in Mexico, on New Years Day in the wake of an acid hangover. A minute in and I had been converted to the already bursting at the seams FKA Twigs fan base.

So hypnotic and so beautiful, this video gives her a chance to show off her classical dance background. The sound is such a weird blend of dreamy pop with tribal percussion and ethereal, melancholic vocals. So glad to have seen it. Yours Truly have the midas touch.