Need a ‘Wake Up’ call? Skegss will have you feeling all the feels

On their final release of 2020, surf-rock trio Skegss diverge for a more sentimental take on what may be their best song yet.

Skegss, the loveable group from Byron, play on through tired eyes in a world of pressure, labels, management, and the weight of fan’s expectations. For some, at this point the innocence of music goes with the wind that rockstars float on, between stages and in cities that they won’t remember.

The latest piece from the band, Wake Up, could well and truly be one of the songs they look back on as one of their greatest. The minimalism exhibited on this track reminds me of a simpler time for the band, reminiscent of songs like Heart Attack, LSD, and FUN. This is Skegss at their best, brimming with nostalgia and a lust for simplicity.

Skegss Wake Up

Wake Up is certainly a left-turn from the grunge-inspired, electric energy that has been present on other recent releases like Fantasising and Under The Thunder. To me, this proves that every good song always has a shining nugget of gold at its heart, that can be brilliant, regardless of the way it is performed. Skegss certainly struck gold with this one.

It is exciting to see the surf-punk trio taking a more emotional route, expressing beautiful metaphors within Benny Reed’s lyrics that may have been overlooked in their grittier work. The song draws influences from folk and makes for a perfect ballad to a cloudy day, reminiscent of a Neil Young or Bob Dylan tune.


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The video, shot by Jamieson Kerr, reflects on the idea the holes you dig yourself can seem a little bit unbearable sometimes, but you can always reach the end of the tunnel with your pals by your side.

“This song is about waking up to yourself instead of having excuses for things because you’re worried it could cause more harm. It’s okay to do things for yourself—you’re allowed to change your mind and not let anyone make you feel bad about it,” Reed explains. “The shovels in the video represent everyone carrying invisible shovels in real life. You can dig yourself into holes and you can dig yourself out of holes. Sometimes you need a bit of help getting out.”

Stream Wake Up here, and let it mend the broken heart you didn’t know you have.