Want to be paid $6,000 to smell dog poo? This company has you covered

A company is offering people $7,000 to smell dog poo for two months

A vegan pet food company in the UK is offering more than $7,000 for anyone who is willing to smell their dog’s poo for two months.

British company OMNI are the group behind this stinker of a deal, which would require dog owners to track their pooch’s poo for two months while testing out a new diet.

The call-out is asking for “a dedicated dog owner to sniff their dog’s poop, to test the effect a plant-based diet has on their dog’s digestion, stool odor and general health.”

Credit: ProVeg

“We’ve had lots of feedback from dog owners who report that their dogs’ digestion, energy levels and general health are all improved once switching to a flexitarian or plant-based diet,” the company wrote on their website.

One lucky applicant will be paid £5,000 on top of the exciting opportunity to get up close and personal with their dog’s new-and-improved vegan shit.

It’s (possibly) not as bad as it sounds because OMNI reckon their plant-based diet will have your pup dropping primo turds, with reported improvements in “colour, consistency and smell.”

The successful applicant’s dog will be checked by a vet at the beginning and end of the two-month period, courtesy of OMNI.

If you’re a pet owner, you’d know it’s not exactly easy to avoid the smell of poo anyway, and like, seven grand is seven grand. Where do we sign up!

(You can sign up here in case you’re wondering).